Thursday, November 15, 2012


"You need to resign, then you will meet you're other half" Auntie Lulu

" Hari-hari kena cantik, mana la tau kalau-kalau terlanggar your 'potential'..." Kapow Eonni


Tak semudah mengeja perkataan. Perkahwinan pada aku adalah satu commitment dan tanggungjawab.
Kalau tanggungjawab itu semudah "tanggung" dan "jawab" mungkin sekarang ni aku dah jadi emak anak 5.

Yes, aku masih menanti 1:10000 itu.

Kerna kamu cuma satu untukku, bak kata Naif. 

Yer,sebab dia hanya satu. Sebab tu tak muncul-muncul lagi. 

Atau mungkin,

Aku banyak berdoa untuk perkara-perkara lain. Atau mungkin juga kerana pintu yang aku tutup itu terlalu rapat, dan tiba-tiba aku terasa dah bersedia untuk terluka sekali lagi sekiranya gagal dalam percubaan kali ini. Aku nak rasa lagi perasaan itu, dalam keadaan yang berbeza dan matang. 

Tapi,, aku rasa....mungkin kata-kata kawan aku lebih tepat.

Musim mengawan dah bermula...dan yang bujang macam kami asyik memenuhkan undangan serta menyemakkan kenduri orang dgn menjadi orang kuat majlis. Majlis sendiri entah bila. *smile*

Okeylah, nak pergi makan. Esok nak kerja. 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

My the only man!

Seo Yeoung,My Daughter

Recently, I’ve been following a Korean drama series  내 딸 서영이 (Pronounce as Name Ddal Seo-Youngi) or also known as Seo-Yeoung, My daughter.

At first, I’m following this series coz of Jungshing (member of CNBLue). This 55 series are about a girl name Seo-Young with her incompetence father.  (Wanna know more about this series, please click at the picture caption above)

I leaned something through every episode.  But the most thing that I learned about how bad a father is, father always a father. They have given their very best even somehow what they want are pretty hard to get/reach.  Seating in children position, tendency of not understands or misleading the father role is really high. Not until you sit in their shoe.

As for my blissful life, my man is always with me from my day 1st in the world. He is the one that work hard for me till now; to the place I’m standing at.

Then, I came to realized something during his visit yesterday . Abah became lighter than he used to be. Yet he still smile and pretend the same just to ensure I won’t be worry much on him and stay focus with what I do now.

That is my man!

Abah, for everything you’ve done, Thank you very much. Nothing can ever repay you. Not at all.  Abah, please stay healthy and  love you really  much.