Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brand New Year


Random update again.

New year just couple of hours only and some places already start with firework session. Staying in the urban area that occupied mostly by non-malay. it's good when mall just a walking distance from the house but somehow then it is suck and very tiring with jammed.

A lot of things happen this year...too much. Moving to new phase of life. A hectic carreer , owning a cute black "Iqi", won a 50" LED Plasma TV and a lots more. The bitter side of the world, met with accidents twice a year, losing a friend that i wish him to be among of my bestties, losses of maybank treats supplement, difficulties liase with authorities from Istana till cause lots of complication. Ya Allah, so much bittersweet this year. Yet,still enjoy the life.


Before i end this entry (with cliche usual), Happy belated Old day to me. Officially became 26. And within few hours more, i shall be 27 this year. Oh gosh!

Hard to belive rite? Time flies so fast.

Ok-lah, need to grab my dinner and back with my lovely "Conceited detective " J-drama. Too much into Nagase. Mad with him and whatever character he act as. Yuichiro Sakuraba (Mukodono 2001) and Yuroi Kyosuke (Karei naru Spy) are my most favouritessssss!!!

Till here peeps. Shall be back for more.

Happy New Year 2012. All the best.



p/s - New year resolution ...still looking for it! LOL

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


How i wish i can turn back time....bck to where the pic was taken.

i missed the moment..

feel already.Sigh~

Monday, December 12, 2011



Cuti hujung minggu dah abis. Esok kena balik keje. Sigh~

Tgh cari solution...nak pindah Photo Dept. Aku dah muak hadap supplement. Teramat tragis bila kena berhadapan dengan karenah orang Istana.

Well, aku dah tak tahu dah apa aku rasa...tapi macam ni la.

Masuk gaji nnt nak p cari mukodono. Rindu nak layan Nagase. hehehehe...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ayu e-Day

Selamat bertunang untuk Ayu.

Instead of being her official photographer...dah jadi mak andam terjun. However, congrates Ayu..!!