Monday, November 28, 2011

Wedding crasher

Not much update. Bla bla usual..bla bla..

Still same. busy with jobs, A lot of hanky panky in supplement need that required my passion and attention Sigh~ Such annoying and irritating! What to do..still need to face it. Aish~'s already school holiday. Busy will wedding invitation....few friends ending up their single life.Start a new chapter as husband-wife to someone. Pics above was taken at Zurah and Josh's wedding. Zurah is Hery's cousin and Hery is a friend of us (me and Hanif). Thanks to both of them (Hanif and Hery..coz last minute job they handed to me...) and for the first time i did this silly thing..crashed people wedding with jean and shirt instead of baju kurung. Dear God!

Well..thats it.

Oklah...such a boring update. erk!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Random update


It's been a while and time really flies fast. Not much. Just recover from flu and fever.. having some argument with snobbish men.Somehow, it makes felt awkward with myself. Partially, i am losing part of myself.


Getting old!

Can't wait for long vacation. Just counting the day. Desperately need a vacation or else it gonna turn me to zombie.maybe a cute zombie, with long nice hair... :)

Lately, my schedule not so tight. Spending most of my time upgrading photography skill. But, too lazy to do photo editting. few projects as well required my quality of time. Siggh~ (for second time)

Anyway, Malaysia win against Indonesia in Football match-SEA Game. Been waiting for the most precious moment...what else dude...been waiting for PM to declare public holiday! Then can go back to Penang *happy*


ok..nuff at the moment. Got to go. Daa peeps!

** Caption : Picture was taken during EC festival in Publika.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

the other back of egg...

Life upside down! Sigh~

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Penat dan fed-up rasa. banyak sangat!

umur dah makin meningkat, baru sekarang terasa.