Monday, August 27, 2012

The proposal..


First of all..this entry is nothing to do with me.

I just started my working life again today after quite a good break and raya leave. Stuck again with that pathetic,busy and annoying routine at supp desk...

When i was drowning with those none ending works this evening, one of the colleague drop by to my cubicle just to welcome me back to my workstation.

But it touched me a lot...when she showed me her engagement ring. Hahahaha,since i went "missing" during the break (missing as in i don't surf net and fb lol)..obviously i'm too outdated on the news and she is dying waiting for my "congrates" wish...therefore,she purposely show-off her ring to me.LOL!

For awhile, i kinda speechless and surprise....i am sooooo happy for her. The wedding will took place somehow next year since her grand-father just passed away couple of months ago. Chinese is totally "pantang" one when come to wedding and death issues.

Another friend of mine..moving forward to a new phase of life. Wishing her the best.

To Pui Kar... a.k.a our office's shark loan (she's not loaning any money though we've been calling her that) ...All the best to you. Be more mature and be a good wife.

Erm...i desperately need to get a good-new dress for the wedding then. hahaha... Perhaps, i shall do a "potential" hunting/screening during the wedding. Manalah tau dapat macam Kim Hyun Joong.LOL!

Beranganlah sgt kononnya nk cari husband mcm Kim Hyun Joong sebab taknak berebut nak balik raya kat kampung mana every year. Mama dengar nak muntah jadinya...and mak confirm punya angkat parang kejar pusing satu Batu Maung. Lol!
Perasan jer la. Muhaha lol!

Puasa dan Raya

It's been awhile since my previous thread.

Not really busy...but more toward self evaluation or self searching process .
Erm... lets update few things.

This year puasa...great. Passing it with flying colors. Tinggal dua hari jer. Thanks for my unpredictable menstrual cycle. At least aku cuma tinggal dua hari jer. For this year..i just got 3 days additional leave instead public holiday yg memang dah diberikan.

Raya...i would say i'm broke this year sebab tak gaji lagi and just rely on the previous bonus. Dahlah kena buat major service for my Qiqi also renewal roadtax for Qiqi. All cost about almost 2k. Balik raya..drove alone for about 7hours. Usually kalau balik paling lama pun 4hours sampai 7hours due to massive jammed. Boring betul.

Kitar raya aku as usual... rumah Mak Chaq, rumah Bapak..rumah Mak Su...also,we went to rumah Mak Ndak but "fortunately"..she wasnt at home. LOL! So....merayap and merayap. Raya this year...masa aku banyak menjadi baby sitter, muhahahaha... we got a new born baby in the house,Zharif Naufal. Disebabkan aku tak bawa balik there is no pic of Zharif Naufal. Next time baru aku amek. Then another new born baby in the house, little Syed Asyraf.

This year raya also, met back with my "seounbae" during primary school. Takdir memang sentiasa jumpakan kitaorg. Mula2 dulu..lost connection..then jumpa balik..then lost again..then jumpa balik...pas SPM lost again..and after couple of years..jumpa balik. Tapi sekarang masing-masing dah ada jalan masing2. So little bit awkward bila jumpa.

Erm..what else ya....

Tu jer la kot.

ye la..tu je la. Next time..aku update lagi.

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf zahir dan Batin.

Bye readers!!